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About Us

We’re a lead generation agency that offers PPC, SEO, Email Marketing, SEM, and Web and App Development services for small businesses.

Our Story & Work

Blue Mountain is not your typical digital marketing company, what makes us different is our small business expertise allowing us to execute enterprise level marketing campaigns without the enterprise level budgets. Our areas of digital marketing expertise are many but they all share one thing in common, results. Our clients, (ranging from small businesses, non-profits, large corporations, and every kind of business in between) hire our team to learn about their organizations create custom marketing solutions that drive results.

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Passionate About Our Work

We live at the convergence of marketing & technology, creating magnetic digital experiences that advance the brand, voice and mission of our clients.

SEO Experts

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is integral to all our builds, but we do way more than mere best practice basics. Our insightful, strategic support can help you be seen by all the right people in all the best places

Content Marketing

Content is key to elevating your brand or marketing your product. Our team of writers and designers will support any type of development you need from articles, to strategic social media posts and even custom videos.

Brand Visibility

Our Brand strategy, Brand Management, and Brand Identity services will give you a plan to realize your business goals. It’s the first step in a comprehensive, integrated approach to optimizing your online marketing efforts.

Great Rankings

We'll work with you to make your website more accessible and more relevant so that it ranks better, attracts motivated and highly qualified search traffic, provides more leads, conversions and sales, and ultimately improves your ROI and grows your business.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools to dramatically expand your platform and engage with your audience. We are experts in creating a community devoted to you, your content and your story.

Get Connected

Knowledge is power. We use website heatmaps and real-time analytics to see exactly how customers interact with your website. This allows us to make changes and recommendations based on concrete data.


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